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Books by David Warren

Mealtime Guests 
What could make a meal or snack time more fun for a child? A surprise guest or perhaps several guests. These guests are friendly, colorful creatures that join in the fun at mealtime. They turn a simple bite or drink into an adventure. This book is a great way to introduce your child to the joy of food while teaching them that insects and other creatures can be a fun part of life if you use your imagination.  Let your child reading while having a Mealtime Guest over again and again!
The Really Magic Marker
What if a magic marker really was magical?
This book inspires your child's creativity by showing them that something as simple as a a marker can take on a life of it's own if you use the power of your imagination!
The Really Magic Marker (coloring book)
The perfect supplement to The Really Magic Marker book. This coloring book allows your child to be creative, by picking their own colors and writing in their own text.
Chicken Soup for The Soul
David's stories appear in the following editions of Chicken Soup for the Soul:
Parenthood, The Cat Did What?, A Time to Thrive, Think Possible and Raising Great Kids.
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