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I was born and raised in the midwest.

Born in the birthplace of Innovation Dayton OH.

I currently reside near Dayton after spending my wonder years in suburban Chicago Illinois. I attended Eastern Illinois University, The University of Dayton and Wright State University.


            "You Only Live Twice"


As a survivor of open heart surgeries and cardiac arrest you never know when life will come to a halt, so make the most of each day and take a moment to be kind and inspire others. I hope that is what my books and stories do.

I enjoy life with my wife of 25 years Angela

and my daughter Marissa. We reside in Kettering Ohio where I am Vice President of an industrial manufacturing company by day and writer by night. I love music, sports, traveling and making people laugh. I am blessed to be here and thank god each day for all he has given me.

I am a regular blogger on parenting at

Dayton Parent Magazine

My books are published by Blackrosewriting

My short stories appear in Chicken Soup for the Soul are published by Simon & Schuster

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